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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Units

As part of our commitment to provide the most effective air conditioning solutions for commercial and domestic customers, we offer no obligation quotations and site visits where necessary.

Depending on what is required we offer a wide variety of air conditioning systems, including:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Ceiling cassettes
  • Floor-mounted
  • Ducted
  • Portable

Wall mounted air conditioning

Wall mounted systems comprise two units: one internal and one external.  These systems, like the other styles, can provide cooling or heating to your indoor environment. 

The indoor unit is mounted at high level on a wall in the room and the cooled or heated air is distributed through adjustable louvres on the front of the unit.

This style is often the most cost effective way of air conditioning a room and the indoor unit can be installed on any wall with available space at high level.

Air Conditioning Services Chesterfield Sheffield Nottingham

Ceiling cassette air conditioning

This type of system also comprises an indoor and and outdoor unit.  The indoor unit in this style of system is installed in or below the ceiling and, therefore, offers excellence in space saving and results in an aesthetically pleasing installation. 

Air is distributed four ways through louvres and so when installed centrally in a room air is distributed to all parts of the room effectively and efficiently.

Air Conditioning Services Chesterfield Sheffield Nottingham

Floor mounted systems

With a floor mounted system the indoor unit is installed against a wall at floor level, similar to the position of a radiator.

They are particularly popular in conservatories, where they are installed against dwarf walls. In some instances they can be partially recessed into the wall making them an aesthetically pleasing and space saving choice in domestic properties.

Air Conditioning Services Chesterfield Sheffield Nottingham

Ducted air conditioning

The indoor unit of a ducted system is installed out of sight, in a loft space, for example, and the air is delivered to the room through grilles or air valves installed through the ceiling of the room.

This is the ultimate in hidden systems; the only visible parts inside the room are the grilles or air valves and the remote control.

Air Conditioning Services Chesterfield Sheffield Nottingham

Portable units

These units offer a cost effective solution to provide cooling or heating to a space where a fixed system is not viable choice due to budgetary or other restrictions. 

A split type portable system has an outdoor unit attached to the indoor unit with flexible pipework that needs to be hung out of a window.

A monoblock type, similar in size to a domestic under-counter refrigerator, has a flexible hose which must be put out through an open window or a ceiling tile, through which the heat is expelled.

Multi-type systems

All the above systems, in their basic form, comprise of one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit. 

Where there are multiple rooms to be conditioned in a building and there is limited outdoor space, multi-type systems are available where several indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit.